You can spend a lifetime on the internet or going through the phone book searching for the right Attorney, to save you the time searching we have personally selected the top Criminal Defense Attorneys in the Hampton Roads area from personal experience, cost and how they treat and value their clients. Always do your homework when hiring the right Attorney.


If you require further information on Criminal Defense Attorneys in Virginia Beach or anywhere in Hampton Roads please give us a call at (757)999-4105.

Virginia Beach Super Lawyer

Stephen P. Pfeiffer, Wolcott Rivers Gates

Telephone: (757)554-0258


In our opinion Stephen Pfeiffer is one of the best DUI / DWI Attorneys in the Commonwealth of Virginia today, he is friendly, professional and has a superior knowledge of the law. Give Stephen a call today. 


Virginia Beach Super Lawyer

Kristin L. Paulding, 7 Cities Law.

Telephone: (757)716-7494

Kristin is an excellent trial lawyer and is extremely skilled and experienced in the courtroom. Kristin is one of the best in the industry at Juvenile cases, Violent and Sex crimes. We highly recommend giving Kristin a call.

Virginia Beach Super Lawyer

Brian D. Thoman, Thoman Law, PLLC

Telephone: (757)962-2334

Brian Thoman is a attorney who will get the job done. He is highly skilled in all areas of the law and is well respected in the legal community. At Matlock Bail Bonds have a great amount of respect for Brian and we  highly recommend him.

Virginia Beach Super Lawyer

Braden C. Carroll, BC Criminal, PLLC

Telephone: (757)610-9555


Braden Carroll is an excellent Attorney who provides nothing but the best work for his clients. Braden is hardworking and truly enjoys practicing law. Definitely one of the top up and coming Attorneys in Hampton Roads. 

Virginia Beach Super Lawyer

Adam M. Carroll, Wolcott Rivers Gates

Telephone: (757)941-4527

An outstanding and aggressive criminal defense attorney that is always prepared to handle his client's case. Adam will do everything he can to get you the best possible outcome for your case. We highly recommend Adam Carroll.

Virginia Beach Super Lawyer

Telephone: (757)226-7680

Brook is a very friendly Attorney that is committed to excellence. wether it's a Criminal Defense Attorney, Divorce Attorney or Personal Injury Attorney in Hampton Roads you should definetly keep Brook in mind. 

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