What Should I know Before I Contact A Bail Bonds Agent?

There is critical information that a bail bonds agent will need in order to help you. Here is a list of the most helpful information for the bail bondsman near you.

  1. Where is the person in located? When the person in jail calls make sure to find out what Jail they are being held, ask for the City and State along with the Jails name.

  2. What is the full legal name of the person in jail?

  3. What is the DOB (Date of birth) of the inmate ?

  4. What is the Inmates booking number? (Its not required and a lot of the time the inmate does not even know what their booking number is) A helpful tip is tell the Inmate to look down on his wrist which will have the jail booking number. ***Again this is NOT required to give to the bail bondsman but it could come in handy if the jail entered the incorrect spelling of the inmates name or if the inmate is too intoxicated and gives an incorrect name when being booked.

  5. Most importantly always ask how much is the bond?

  6. What are the charges the inmate is being held for ?

When dealing with any jail in the Hampton Roads Area especially Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Norfolk we encourage customers to let their Bail Bondsman know if the person in jail has been drinking before the time of the arrest. Obviously if it is a charge related to alcohol like DUI, DWI, Underage Alcohol Possession, Interdiction or even a simple Drunk In Public the bail bondsman will know but often inmates do not understand that in order to be released before the time the Sheriffs usual 8-10 hour alcohol hold.

If you have any other questions and would like to speak with a bail bondsman near you please call 757-999-4105

- The Bail Bondsman Near You



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