Virginia Beach Bail Bonds Open 24/7

Ever wonder what its like being a bail bondsman?

A question often asked by clients while posting bail in the middle of the night, it is a question that is hard for people to relate and understand what its really like being a bail bondsman. First thing I tell people is that NO Dog the bounty hunter show on TV is NOTHING like a bail bondsman every day routine. Dog is a Bounty Hunter, the film crew of that show follows Dog the bounty hunter "chase" down clients that his families company has out on bail. Whether they miss a court case or they violated a condition of the bail bond contract.

A bail bondsman in virginia beach does not require a bullet proof vest, taser nor a paintball gun like Dog the Bounty Hunter. At most it will require a lot of coffee, pen and maybe a set of handcuffs..... to be continued.

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