The Future of Cash Bail in Virginia.

What does the future look like for the bail bonds industry in Virginia is something that as a Virginia Beach Bail Bondsman I have ask myself quite often. Its a scary thought that our Virginia Bail Bond laws could change, and change drastically. As a bondsman in Virginia Beach I make a living off of getting people out of jail for criminal offenses that typically are non-violent minor crimes that I feel almost every person has at one point committed themselves, the difference is that my clients got caught. When I say that I mean crimes like DUI's and reckless driving like driving over 20mph and giving the police officer an attitude which in some cases puts you behind bars waiting to see a judge. I do not know what the future of bail bonds in virginia beach will be but I have to believe that the community will not allow bail bonds to just disappear and be replaced with a pre-trial program that data shows ends up keeping people trapped in the system. When you come to Virginia Beach on vacation, make sure you don't end up on probation. Call the best bail bondsman in virginia beach at 757-999-4105.


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