What is a PR bail bond ?

I am asked this question a lot " What is a PR bond?" -

So a PR bail bond is short for Personal recognizance bond, essentially it means you are personally held responsible for showing up to your court date. A PR bond means you do not have to pay a bail bonds company, you do not have to have a parent sign for you, you can simply be responsible for yourself and make sure you go to court. A lot of virginia beach bail bondsmen deal with clients who have PR bonds, a lot of times a PR bond is given the next day by the judge if the defendant can not make bail, yet has no criminal record and no failure to appears on their record.

If you have a PR bond in virginia beach do not panic, this is a good thing. As a virginia beach bail bonding company we can not help you with a PR bond but we can still guide you through the system if you wish and make your navigation and little less confusing.

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