Virginia Beach Bond Hearings

Virginia Beach Bond Hearing

A bond hearing in Virginia Beach is usually a quick hearing with the Inmate, Judge, and most of the time a Defense Attorney. The Judge will determine whether the inmate can be released on a bond pending trial. If a secured bond has been set you will need to post the entire dollar amount of that bond or hire a Virginia Beach Bail Bondsman to post that bond for you. When the bond is posted the inmate will be released from custody and will remain on bond throughout the duration of the case until. If someone fails to appear for any court date the bond will be forfeited meaning whoever posted the full amount or the Virginia Beach Bail Bondsman that has been hired will lose the money posted and a warrant will be issued for the person on bond.

Will They Get Out On Bond?

The Judge has the final say to whether someone is going to get out on bond or not and it usually comes down to these three things:

  1. The seriousness of the charges and if there is a victim involved.

  1. Is the person in jail classed as a “flight Risk”? This is determined by the person in jail’s ties to the community such as family, employment, real estate and whether or not they have a history of failing to appear in court.

  1. Is the person a danger to the community? The Judge that is hearing the bond hearing will look into the inmates criminal history to see if there is a history of violence or if the inmate has a habit of committing the same offenses.

At the Virginia Beach Bond Hearing the Judge will not be hearing the case and will not make a determination on whether the inmate is innocent or guilty of the charges, it is in the best interest of the inmate to only answer questions that they are asked and not to make any statements regarding the case as there might be a prosecutor present who will be taking notes.

How Soon Can Someone Get Out Of Jail After A Virginia Beach Bond Hearing?

If someone was granted a secured bond by the Judge and you have hired a Virginia Beach Bail Bondsman to post that bond for you it can take several hours for all of the court paperwork to be updated with the jail’s records department, during this time you will fill out all the necessary paperwork and make the Bail Bond payment with the Virginia Beach Bail Bonding Company you have hired and then wait for the inmate to be released.

One of the main questions people have after a bond hearing is what do we do now? Matlock Bail Bonds specializes in Virginia Beach and is locally known as one of the fastest Bail Bonding Companies in the Hampton Roads Area. When someone is granted bond all we ask of whoever is signing and paying for the bond is that they go about their day as normal, there is no need to be sitting down at the jail all day waiting for someone to get released. You can leave the jail with peace of mind knowing that you have a professional, experienced and expert bail bondsman working on the release of your loved on at the jail while you relax, we will get your contact information and give you a call after we have secured the release of the inmate.

Bond Hearing Attorney

Unfortunately we cannot give you an exact release time, this is down to the Sheriff’s Department and the Magistrates Office but Matlock Bail Bonds can always guarantee you that your loved one will be released from jail as soon as physically possible.

When Do I Contact A Virginia Beach Bail Bondsman?

It is always best to contact your Virginia Beach bail bondsman ahead of time, unlike most bonding companies in Virginia Beach we WILL be at the bond hearing with you to guide you through the process and answer any questions that you may have. Having your Bail Bondsman with you in court can sometimes speed up the bail process which will get the inmate released from custody faster.

Do I Need A Virginia Beach Bond Hearing Attorney?

We would always recommend that if you can afford it then you should hire a Defense Attorney for bail bond hearings in Virginia Beach. Most Attorneys in Virginia Beach will require that you retain them for the whole case but you can find attorneys that will allow you to hire them for the bond hearing only.

Where Do I Find A Bond Hearing Attorney?

Matlock Bail Bonds offers you a free attorney referral service, just click this link and you will be taken to our Attorney Referral Page, Here you will find some of the best Attorneys in Hampton Roads that have your best interests at heart and will not cost you a fortune.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding Virginia Beach Bond Hearings please call us at any time, (757)999-4105.

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