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The Virginia Beach Oceanfront refers to the three mile ling boardwalk area in South Virginia Beach and is home to hundreds of bars, restaurants, hotels, and, other things to do for the local residents and thousands of tourists every year. The Virginia Beach Oceanfront has many types of bars and restaurants that are tailored to suit all walks of life and with the large amount of bars, the Virginia Beach Police Department are also on the Oceanfront in large numbers. The Virginia Beach Oceanfront is a fun and great place to be until someone gets arrested for a drunk in public or even worse, a DUI. More often than not as a Virginia Beach Oceanfront Bail Bondsman we get phone calls from friends and family members all the time asking for information on posting bail for someone who may have been arrested on the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

More often than not when you are out with a group of friends, someone decides to walk off and unfortunately with not knowing Virginia Beach end up in jail with a charge. In most cases if someone is arrested on the Virginia Beach Oceanfront they will be taken to the Virginia Beach Police Department 2nd Precinct which is located on Virginia Beach Boulevard / 17th Street in Virginia Beach. From here the defendant will be held in custody until the next transport goes out to the main jail on Princess Anne Road (10 Miles from the resort area). If bail is set at the 2nd precinct you can call an Oceanfront bail bondsman to come down and post the bond for your friend or family member. If the defendant has not bonded out in time and has been transported to the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office you will have to go to the Princess Anne jail to post the bond.

Matlock Bail Bonds and Virginia Beach Oceanfront Bail Bonds can have your friend or family member out of jail and back on vacation in next to no time at all, Matlock’s Oceanfront Bail Bonds is one of few Virginia Beach bail bonding companies that does not charge outrageous fees and expenses for clients who are not from the Tidewater/Hampton Roads area and specializes in Virginia Beach DUI Bail bonds, Virginia Beach DWI bail bonds, and, No money down bail bonds in Virginia Beach. Matlock Bail Bonds LLC is open for business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ready to guide you through the entire bail bonding process. Call (757)999-4105 to reach your local Virginia Beach Oceanfront Bail Bondsman.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a DUI/DWI in Virginia Beach you are going to need to hire and attorney that specializes in that field and that can get you the best possible outcome from your case. Searching for the right attorney in Virginia Beach can take hours and hours of your time and can be costly to your wallet and case if you don’t get the right one. Matlock Bail Bonds personal recommendation for an excellent DUI/DWI Attorney in Virginia Beach that will not cost you a ton of money is Mr. Stephen Pfeiffer, Attorney Stephen Pfeiffer has an outstanding reputation in the Commonwealth of Virginia Beach as one of, if not the best DUI/DWI attorney in the City of Virginia Beach. You can reach Attorney Stephen Pfeiffer directly by calling (757)554-0258.

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