Christian Matlock Virginia Beach Bail Bondsman

Interview with Scottish Bail Bondsman Christian Matlock

Christian Matlock travelling state to state posting bail for his clients and catching fugitives tells Nuts what is like to be a brit on the trail...

Tell us about Christian Matlock the Bail Bondsman.

Well, I am originally from Brechin, a small city on the east coast of Scotland, I moved to the Washington DC / Northern Virginia area in 2010 and became a Virginia licensed bail bondsman shortly after,I now live and work as a bail bondsman for my own company Matlock Bail Bonds in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

What made you decide to be a bounty hunter and bail bondsman?

I was working as a door man at a sports bar in Woodbridge, Virginia when I met a bounty hunter who was looking for a skip (someone who had jumped bail) and got to talking with him about how I could do it, so, I went on google and found a bail enforcement school and got started. It took some time for my license to come through but when it did that was it, I was out catching people and bringing them back to jail. It was not long after that I was given the opportunity to become a bail bondsman, the company that I was contracted to as a bounty hunter needed a full time bail bondsman so I stepped up and started doing that and haven't looked back since.

What do you like about being a bail bondsman in Virginia?

I love what I do, I get to help people in need every day, I get to work with some great people and every day is something different, there really is no telling what you are going to be doing or where you are going to be and I like that. One of the things I enjoy is the bail enforcement side of things, the thrill of chasing someone down and taking them back to jail is great!. Luckily since I have been working for my own company I haven't had to chase any of my clients down yet and here's hoping I dont have to.

How do you make money as a bounty hunter or bail bondsman?

I make more money as a bail bondsman than I do as a bounty hunter, when I bond someone out of jail in Virginia I charge them 10% of whatever the bail has been set at, so, if the bond is $5000 I charge the client $500 to post the bond. When it comes to bounty hunters they also make 10% of whatever the bond is to find the fugitive and bring them back to jail. Being a bail bondsman we hope that every person that we post bail for does the right thing and goes to court or we are losing money.

So you are from Scotland, do you have any plans to leave the U.S. in the future and return to home?

I love Scotland, all of my friends and family are back there you know but i don't think I would ever live there again, not because I don't like it or anything it just doesn't make much sense to move back over to Scotland after everything I have done here. I try my best to go back and visit as much as I can.

What is the competition like as a bail bondsman?

It is the same as any other industry I suppose, bail bondsmen in Virginia are very cut-throat and childish and will do anything to make a dollar, kind of like a used car salesman you could say. I try to remain professional at all times and would rather help someone in need that to take someone's money and never see or hear from them again. I like to do my job and go home.

Do you make a lot of money owning your own bail bondsman company?

What is a lot of money?, I make enough money to live my life the way i want to.

Is there anything else you would like to share about being a bail bondsman?

A lot of people want to get into the bail bonds industry because they thing that all bail bondsmen are rich and can do whatever they want or they bas us on T.V shows like Dog the bounty hunter when really its completely different. Being a bail bondsman is extremely stressful, you are constantly worrying about people not showing up for court etc. It is definitely something that you are made to do, I have been doing this for around 5/6 years now and have seen many bail bondsmen and bounty hunters come and like the wind they go.

You can find out more about Virginia Beach bail bondsman Christian Matlock online at www.facebook.com/matlockbailbonds or by following Matlock bail bonds on Instagram.

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