Do Bail Bondsmen Take Collateral?

Collateral Items For Bail Bonds

When it comes to posting bail most people that don't know anything about the way it works will assume that they have to pay the full 10% of the bond that has been set which can sometimes be a lot of money which is not true. Matlock Bail Bonds has some of the best payment plans in Virginia which start at no money down with collateral. If you find yourself in jail or have someone you care about in jail and would like to get them out but have no money available to you at the time, you can put up some form of collateral that Matlock Bail Bonds will hold for an agreed amount of time until you can get the money together to pay the premium.

What things can be used as collateral?

When it comes to collateral there many things that a bail bondsman will be willing to accept and hold until the bond premium is paid.

An unencumbered property - This could be a car, boat, motor home, motorcycle or other vehicle. This is the most common type of collateral used in bail bonding. In this case the property will have to be re-titled with a lien from the bail bonding company and sometimes held until the agreement has been satisfied.

Personal Items - When it comes to personal items each bail bonding company in Virginia is different, Matlock Bail Bonds of Virginia Beach will accept many different items as collateral which include Jewelry, electronics, tools etc. It is always best to call (757)999-4105 before assuming what you have will be taken as collateral.

Who values my property?

Matlock Bail Bonds LLC values items that are taken as collateral at the current pawn rates. We have partnered with the leading pawn shop in Virginia Beach to ensure that our clients always get top dollar for any item(s) that they provide as collateral.

Get you'r loved one out of jail today!

Don't spend any more time in jail than you have to, call Matlock Bail Bonds today at (757)999-4105.

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