Are There Any Discount, Affordable or Cheap Bail Bondsmen?

Are there such a thing as cheap, affordable or discount bail bondsmen in Virginia?, The answer is: No. a bail bondsman in Virginia has to charge you a minimum of 10% of the bond amount and no more than 15%, any company that charges more or less are breaking the law.

You will see many bail bonding companies advertising that they offer you a cheap bail bonding service, discounted bail bonds, or a bail bond that is affordable, and now you will be wondering how can they offer that if bail bondsmen have to charge 10%? Well, in fact, there is no difference. These bail bonding companies are offering you this to get you in the door and then will charge you the same as anyone else, which in my opinion is false advertising.

At Matlock Bail Bonds we do not promise you that our bail bond service in Virginia is cheaper than anyone else or will be at a discounted rate, what we do offer is a professional bail bonding service with payment plans that are cost effective, payments that work around your budge and on dates that better suit you. Call us today to find out more at (757)999-4105.

Our payment plans start at no money down* and can be paid over a period of time that works for you. For more information on bail bonds and payment plans check us out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/matlockbailbonds.

Bail Bonds False Advertising.

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